Admission Requirements


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Secondary School Admission

Primary School Admission


Admission requirements for secondary students 

Text books required

Secondary Mathematics-KLB, New Integrated English-JKF, Chemi chemi ya Kiswahili-Longhorn, Secondary Geography-KLB, Secondary CRE-KLB, History and Government-KLB, Secondary Chemistry-KLB, Secondary Biology-Longhorn , Secondary Physics-KLB, Secondary Agriculture-KLB and Secondary Business Studies-KLB. Golden Bells hymn book, Revised Standard Bible, KNEC Mathematical tables, Oxford Dictionary, Kamusi ya Kiswahili, Macmillan Secondary Atlas Prevailing English Literature and Fasihi ya Kiswahili set books are also required for form 3 & 4. (used ones will also do)


2 white shirts with logo, 2 skirts, 1 sweater with logo, 1 games kit with logo, 1 tie, 1 set weekend wear , Available only at the school at a cost of 7500/-. NB: This is minimum requirement. A student may have more for convenience. Optional sleeveless sweater with logo Ksh 1,100/-

Other requirements

1)      Copies of previous school leaving certificate, K.C.P.E. result slip and birth certificate

2)      A medical report from a public hospital.

3)      2 recent coloured passport size photographs.

4)      1 ream of white PHOTOCOPY PAPER AND 1 ream of ruled FOOLSCAPS.

5)     13 remedial exercise books of 200pages 1 of which is squared to be replenished by parents.    stationery (pencils, a sharpener, a rubber, one ruler, 6 blue, and 1 red biro pens.)

6)   A pair of black leather shoes (flat) and white rubber shoes for games, 4 pairs of white socks, slippers,. towel, face towel, panties, night dress, tooth brush and tooth paste, shoe polish and shoe brush, 6 packets of sanitary towels(pads), 5 tissue papers, 3 bathing soaps, I bar of washing soap, 1kg of powder soap, body lotion or petroleum jelly, a comb, a metallic box, 2 padlocks with spare keys, a torch and a pair of cells.

7)   A cup, plate, spoon, bucket, 2 blankets, 1 pair green bed-sheets, a mattress(3inch), a blue mosquito net, a green bedcover – items in no 7 available in school at a cost of Kshs 5,000/- (optional. You can buy from outside also)



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The Curriculum

Mwangaza School Masii offers the 8 - 4 - 4 system of education which is the Kenya National Curriculum.



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